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  • Mike Lynch Star Watch Party

    Make the stars your old friends as we watch the great celestial show in the skies over New Prague. We start off with an indoor orientation followed by quality time outside under the heavens. Get to know the constellations like The Big Bear, Orion the Hunter, Leo the Lion, and some of their great stories behind them. We’ll also use large reflecting telescopes, including two giant twenty inch wide reflector telescopes that are among the biggest mobile telescopes in the upper Midwest, for close up views of planets, the moon, star clusters, nebulae, galaxies and other wonders in our early spring skies.You’ll also get a great big handout package with user-friendly star maps and constellation charts, apps, websites, a telescope-buying guide, and more! Mike Lynch has been a meteorologist and broadcaster at WCCO Radio for near nearly 40 years and has been hosting star watching and astronomy programs for well over 45 years. He also writes a weekly stargazing column for the St. Paul Pioneer Press and is the author of the book; “Stars, a Month by Month Tour of the Constellations" that’ll be available for purchase. Glow in the dark star and constellation shirts will also be available for purchase. Even if it’s the cloudy you’ll learn a lot, have a great time and get a Mike Lynch “Cloud Check” for a future Minnesota Starwatch Class. Your universe is waiting! Make the Stars Your Old Friends
  • Snowmobile Safety

    Open to children ages 11-15 Certification becomes valid at the age of 12Complete the online course via the Minnesota DNR web site at www.snowmobilecourse.com/usa/minnesota, then attend this testing day to achieve your certification. Bring your helmet, warm clothes, pen/pencil and the DNR voucher proving completion of online course to test date. On the day of the test, a parent/guardian needs to come in and register their child with the instructor.Register for this test with Community Education by October 28.