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  • ACT Prep

    Advantage Educational Programs gives students the option of preparing for the ACT exam in three different ways: the In-School ACT Preparatory Course, Virtual ACT Preparatory Course or the Online ACT Preparatory Course. Courses are designed for students who want to maximize their ACT exam score, as well as those who feel uneasy about their test-taking skills or who have taken the exam and aren't satisfied with their results. In-School ACT Preparatory Course This course consists of four, three-hour classes that meet one day each week at one of our many school locations. The course includes diagnostic testing, instruction in time management, overcoming test anxiety, science reasoning, English strategies and review, essay writing, reading comprehension, and math strategies and review. Students enrolled in these classes not only benefit from personal instruction provided by our experienced instructors, but also have free access to our online course. The fee for this course is $180, with all class materials included. COVID-19 has required us to make some changes to the way we have conducted classes in the past. This program will follow all Minnesota Department of Health guidance including small group sizes, sanitation procedures, participant health screenings, etc. Please stay home if you show any signs of illness. Virtual ACT Prep Course This course is designed for students who prefer to prep for the ACT in a virtual classroom. Four, three-hour classes are taught live via Zoom by an Advantage instructor. Internet connection and a tablet or computer is required. Fee for this course is $180. Self-Paced ACT Preparatory Course This course is an excellent alternative for any student unable to attend in-school classes or a student preferring to prepare for the ACT exam on their own and study at their desired pace. Once enrolled, students are sent an access code for their class via email. The fee for this course is $80. Repeating ACT Preparatory Course To repeat the ACT Prep Course at no charge, you will need to be registered in the online course. To register, go to; click on “Registrations” on the top bar, and click on “Repeat Students Registration Form”
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    Want to amaze your friends and impress your opponents? Want to increase your IQ while having fun playing Chess and compete for various prizes? Learn from Twin Cities Chess Club instructors who have years of teaching experience. Competitive chess tournaments are scheduled once a year and students can play for real chess trophies! All chess levels are welcome. All equipment is provided for Chess Club. Come make some new friends.
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    Emergency Outfitters: Babysitting 101

    This course follows the America Academy of Pediatrics-Babysitter Lessons And Safety Training (BLAST). Students learn current practices for safety and injury prevention, first aid basics, feeding and caring for infants, how to handle behavior problems, and how to manage their babysitting business. Students receive a reference book, handouts and a first aid kit.
  • Emergency Outfitters: F.A.S.T. Kids-Staying Safe While Home Alone

    First Aid and Safety Trained Kids (F.A.S.T) is a 4 hour course for 7-10 year olds. This course helps prepare children for staying safe at and away from home. Lessons cover basic first aid, water safety, vehicle safety, home emergencies, injury prevention, stranger, and internet safety. Students will receive a book, handouts and a home first aid kit as part of the class.
  • GRASP: Summer Reading & Math Practice

    Currently in Grade K-8 GRASP is a 9 week correspondence program for Grades K-8 which helps students maintain reading and math skills while they are on summer vacation. It should take you and your child approximately one hour per week to complete each weekly lesson. We suggest parents order the grade level just completed. If there are extenuating circumstances, order the level that is appropriate for your child. Completed lessons are mailed to a scoring center where they are analyzed and then returned to you. Instruction sheets found in each packet provide all the necessary information. The enrollment fee is $35 for one subject, OR $60 for both. We also have an online version of GRASP for students in grades 4-8. Samples of workbooks are available online at Please indicate the grade level for each subject you are purchasing when you register and if you will be ordering the book or online version. Orders must be received by April 15!
  • GoSolar Kidz: Indoor Gardening-Microgreens

    In this class, students will learn how to grow a garden indoors only using water NO dirt. This growing method is called hydroponic growing. Indoor growing allows you to grow food organically without use of pesticides. Students will learn how to grow food all year round. Once they learn the basics of hydroponics we will plant their first Microgreen plant. After class, students will take home their creation!
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    GoSolar! Kidz: Solar Robots

    In this class, kids can stimulate their creativity by designing and building epic, solar-powered robots from easy-to-assemble parts. In addition, tikes will build solar powered cranes, lift bridges, and many other designs. Let your little engineers explore the world of solar energy while learning how to problem solve and stretch the imagination.