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*District Preschool

The district preschool classes will provide an opportunity for your child to attend school independently, make their first real friendships, build emerging literacy and math skills while also expanding social emotional skills. Students will develop a love of lifelong learning and the confidence in school readiness skills in preparation for kindergarten at New Prague Area Schools. There are a variety of full-day and half-day class schedule options to provide your family choices that work best for your child. All of these classes can be combined with PreK-WRAP Childcare to provide your family with a schedule that works best for you. Most classes are held at the Early Learning Center at the Central Education Campus in New Prague. 

The Monday through Thursday full-day classes at Falcon Ridge Elementary and Eagle View Elementary follow the same strong tradition of the preschool classes that are held at the Early Learning Center located at the CEC.

  • Warm and welcoming environment where children build peer friendships. The students will become a community of learners as they spend the day together. Families will have the option to have a free school lunch provided or families can also provide a daily home lunch, and they will eat together in the classroom.
  • Child-centered approach to learning
  • Play-based learning throughout the classroom instructional day. Playground time will be with similar-aged peers or at a time dedicated just for their class.
  • Research-based curriculum
  • Inclusive classrooms
  • Family involvement is encouraged
  • Licensed early childhood teachers and highly trained paraprofessionals

A nature-based classroom is also available. This class will meet three afternoons a week. The preschool years are when children’s brains develop more quickly than any other time. Play-based education in an outdoor learning environment allows children to explore the world around them while developing their whole selves. It provides an authentic experience that promotes creativity, attention span, and enjoyment in learning. Our nature-based classroom will have the goal of being outside a minimum of 50% of the time throughout the school year, reserving indoor time for extreme weather conditions. The class will meet each day at Falcon Ridge Elementary. This will allow an opportunity to use an indoor classroom when necessary to set the stage for learning, but the majority of the time each day will be held in the outdoor nature center at Falcon Ridge Elementary.  Monthly field trips to Cedar Lake Farm on outside class days and busing cost for off site adventures are included in this class. 

2024-2025 School Year Classes

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2023-2024 District 721 Preschool

2024-2025 District 721 Preschool